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Top 8 Reasons We LOVE Our Local Business Partners

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There are so many reasons to support local businesses. Not only do local businesses support a strong local economy, they’re integral to the culture of any community. Register Tape Network supports local businesses by providing an affordable, targeted marketing solution. Here are a few reasons why we LOVE our local business partners!

1. Unique Character

Local businesses add much-needed character to our all-too homogenized economy. Our business partners add personality and flavor to make their community something special. Imagine life without your favorite hole in the wall?

2. Personal Connections

At RTN, we have long-lasting friendships with many of our advertising partners. The sense of personal connectedness and community engagement is alive and well at many local businesses. And they’re sure to check up — “Haven’t seen you in a while, where’ya been?” is music to our ears.

3. Good Neighbors

Good friends make great neighbors. Local businesses are active in their communities and are the first to support local charities, events, and community projects. Concern for their customers extends well beyond the business!

4. Great Products

Local businesses are real-life product reviewers who are intimately acquainted with the tastes and preferences of their customer base. They can recommend the best products, and while you may pay slightly more, we think it’s totally worth it!

5. Local Jobs

Local jobs come from small and local businesses. Since the 1970s, small businesses have provided more than 66% of new jobs in the United States. Supporting these businesses really means supporting a strong national job market.

6. Unparalleled Service

Local businesses are concerned with providing extremely high customer satisfaction, and most Americans agree. 81% of small business shoppers surveyed said that small businesses provide the best customer service. If you want to be treated like royalty, your best bet is to visit a local business!

7. Sustainable Development

Main Street businesses—the shops and markets that make your town unique—are often more walkable. Shoppers save money on gas, and the environment is spared pollutants. It’s win-win for everyone!

8. Entrepreneurial Innovation

We love that local businesses are creative centers, and it’s no coincidence that almost every major American company began life as a local business. Our partner Family Dollar, for example, began in 1959 as a single, locally owned self-service retail store in Charlotte, N.C. Founder Leon Levine grew the business from a simple philosophy, “the customers are the boss, and you need to keep them happy.” [We think the success of most local businesses stems from a similar strategy]

Locally Advertise Your Local Business!

Register Tape Network partners with thousands of retailers in 33 states and has helped several categories of businesses diversify their marketing to gain a stronger presence in their communities. Here are just a few notes from our many satisfied customers.

If you’re considering using register tape advertising to reach more customers and would like to talk to our representatives for a free consultation, click here to get a customized proposal based on your individual needs and geography.

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