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About RTN


Our register tape product consists of custom designed, full color coupons printed directly on the back of receipt paper running in supermarket cash registers.

Register tape is the only advertising distribution medium put directly into the hands of your potential customer.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

With so many impressions, you’re bound to see results. Take a look at what our customers are saying:

Advertise where it counts!
Take a look at these numbers:

  • 87% of shoppers use coupons
  • 95% of shoppers like coupons
  • 60% actively look for coupons
  • About 100 million coupons are handed out annually.

Why Our Program Works

We place your ad on the back of every single register receipt that the store prints for 12 weeks:
That’s 200,000 impressions or more!

  • We target only those customers who shop and spend money right in your neighborhood.
  • Unlike other coupon programs, you know this one will get opened and read.
  • Tens of thousands of customers will have your coupon in their wallets for 12 weeks.
  • Unlike other display marketing, this one is completely trackable.
  • We allow only one of each type of business on our receipts, so you know you have exclusive placement.

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