Sarah J. Johnson

Reach Over 1,000 customers for only $2.70

To Whom it May Concern,
Tandem Inc., dba as McDonald’s Restaurants, has utilized the services of Register Tape
Network for a year. During this time frame we have seen an 3% redemption rate of the
Dollar General coupon back offers. This is a fantastic redemption rate for printed coupons!
Our McDonald’s restaurants are located in rural towns where Dollar Generals are
frequented by residents.
Jayson Jones has been a very professional Sales Representative for RTN during this
partnership. He has expertise in client relationship management and customer satisfaction.
He possesses an astute business knowledge and is there to help with any concerns you may
have for improvements and return on your investment.
RTN receipt tape coupons have provided us with widely-accepted redemption rates and we
will continue the partnership as we experience the current return on our investment.