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Is Register Tape Advertising a Good Fit for Your Business?

Reach Over 1,000 customers for only $2.70

Not all receipts are created equal. Some are more than just an itemized list of purchases—they’re also coupons.

Register tape advertising is a medium that places ads and coupons on receipts at supermarkets and national retailers.

This form of advertising works well for local businesses to reach a local demographic, and low production costs also allow businesses with smaller advertising budgets to participate.

How does register tape advertising work?

You decide where you want your ads and coupons to appear in the national network of supermarkets and retailers, Family Dollar and Dollar General stores. Register Tape Network helps design the coupon and ad, prints the tape, and distributes it to these desired locations.

Customers are not only handed a receipt, but also ads and valuable coupons. On one side are itemized purchases and on the other are coupons and ads for a range of local businesses.

Many register tape advertising companies only feature one business from each category at every supermarket, ensuring exclusivity for the advertisers. After distribution, advertisers track the success of their ads through the number of coupons redeemed.

This method is targeted, meaning it focuses on certain traits of the consumer—demographic and psychological—reaching a specific and narrowed audience. Unlike general advertising, register tape advertising focuses distribution to have the most impact, eliminating wasteful marketing.

Businesses that have had the most success with register tape advertising

Restaurants: Restaurants can advertise in nearby grocery stores and retailers to drive sales and reach new customers. Most people stay within a few miles of their homes when dining out, so advertising near grocery stores is an excellent way to target the right people. And when restaurants offer great discounts, the ads quickly pay for themselves.

Auto Shop: Auto shops can drive sales and achieve long-term ROI through register tape advertising. Coupons are a great reminder for people to service their cars, to change their oil, replace their brakes, rotate their tires, etc., by offering savings on these services. Auto repair shops also serve a mostly local customer base that’s shared with supermarkets and local retailers. After a customer’s initial visit to an auto shop, chances of repeat visits and continued ROI are quite high.

Salon: Hair and beauty salons serve a hyper-local market that’s highly responsive to targeted advertising. The customer is guaranteed to need a haircut within a few weeks, and coupon advertising puts your salon on their mind. Grocery stores are also great places to advertise to new movers who are looking for salon services. They’re among the first places new residents are likely to visit, and register tape ads can turn new movers into devoted, loyal customers.

Car Wash: Like auto shops, car wash coupons are both reminders and incentives. The person making the purchase likely drives a car, and the advantage of this targeted advertising is that ads aren’t wasted on walkers and bikers! Car washes can gain an edge over their competition through local, targeted advertising.

Pizza Shop: Like restaurants, pizza shops see increased sales from register tape ads because people are most likely to eat pizza near where they live, work, and shop. Deals for large pizzas, multiple pizzas, and more toppings will make more families choose a specific restaurant, and the profit margins at pizza shops mean the ads quickly pay for themselves.

When is register tape advertising not the best option?

RTN has helped grow so many businesses. But occasionally a few categories of businesses don’t see the same great returns on their investment.

B-to-B businesses – Businesses providing services to other business may not have the same ROI. Because B-to-B clients aren’t found in supermarkets, they won’t respond to these coupon incentives. However, businesses offering services to local businesses, like tax preparation and accounting, still do very well.

Hotels & Resorts – Hotels serve national and international guests, so they likely won’t benefit from hyper-local advertising strategies. Their advertising campaigns must be expansive to be successful. Coupons and discounts can work for these businesses, but they’re best distributed nationally and internationally.

Businesses from beyond – Businesses located far from grocery stores or retailers will have unique marketing methods, which won’t be coupon-based. If you can’t find a supermarket or retailer near your business, register tape advertising won’t be as effective.

Businesses outside of demographic – Supermarkets and RTN’s retail stores serve a specific demographic—local consumers. If your business isn’t oriented toward local consumers, more general advertising strategies will probably be more effective.

Register tape ads are an affordable way to build strong brand recognition.

Register Tape Network partners with thousands of retailers in 33 states and has helped several categories of businesses diversify their marketing to gain a stronger presence in their communities. Here are just a few notes from our many satisfied customers.

If you’re considering using register tape advertising to reach more customers and would like to talk to our representatives for a free consultation, click on the link below to get started.

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