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How much does register tape advertising cost?

Reach Over 1,000 customers for only $2.70

Register tape advertising gives businesses the advantages of large scale advertising campaigns by offering a way to partner with supermarkets and national retailers.

Finding affordable advertising is a challenge for any small business. It’s too expensive, doesn’t reach the right audience, or isn’t seen by enough people. These are all common concerns when crafting a marketing strategy.

Of these, cost probably causes the most anxiety. Successful marketing has reach, but that reach can come at a steep price.

Small businesses have the challenge of finding affordable marketing solutions that provide return. Of course, the best marketing strategies will quickly pay for themselves by attracting new customers.

Such strategies, however, can be expensive. The most successful brands (think Hershey, Campbell’s, Coke) spend millions on advertising, so their messages are seen by millions of people who buy their product.

Small businesses can’t launch large-scale marketing campaigns like corporate giants and national retailers. But as the saying goes — if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Advantage of Advertising with National Retailers

Register tape advertising allows small businesses to enjoy the benefits of multi-million dollar, large-scale marketing strategies.

Dollar General, Family Dollar and major national supermarkets spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, reaching potential customers on multiple fronts, TV commercials, coupon mailers, radio, and social media.

In turn, their enormous marketing leads to major brand recognition within their regions—often to the point that shoppers feel personal attachments with these stores.

Small businesses achieve greater brand recognition but on much smaller budgets by joining forces with national brands.

When a business advertises in a Dollar General supermarket it only pays for the ads running in a particular store, but they’re also benefitting from the national corporation’s extensive marketing efforts.

This means that small businesses achieve greater reach at a lower cost.

Determine The Reach of Your Ad Campaign

It’s important to know an advertisement’s reach before deciding on any strategy. In marketing, reach is the total number of different people or households exposed to an advertisement in a specific period of time.

Reach and the method of calculation will differ for each marketing strategy. Calculating reach for coupon advertising is quite simple because the ads are tangible: One receipt equates to one or more impressions.

800,000 –Total number of coupons distributed in the average coupon advertising campaign

This many printed advertisements indicate an ad campaign’s vast reach. Such reach would be impossible on the average small business’ marketing budget, but is possible when joining advertising forces with supermarkets.

How Much Will You Expect to Pay for RTN’s Advertising?

The honest answer, you may have guessed, is that the cost varies. RTN has several different packages based on the size and needs of a business.

Some of the influences that can affect cost are:

  • The size of the advertisement
  • Number of prints
  • Total number of stores that run an advertisement.

To give you a basic idea here’s an example: Let’s say John owns John’s Security, a local home security system company, and wants to advertise his business on the receipts running in his local Harris Teeter.

For moderate coverage, John can expect to pay less than $80 per week for register tape advertising.

When compared to the total distribution or reach of the advertisements, he is spending less than one half of one penny per printed advertisement.

The Added Value of Register Tape Ads

Benefits of Printed Receipts: The unique aspect of register tape advertising is that each printed advertisement is a guaranteed interaction with an advertisement. With other forms of print advertising, it’s difficult to measure reach so accurately.

This is usually the case in print media and for printed advertisements.

When consumers flip through a magazine, they may scan an ad for a few seconds and move on to the next article or ad. Supermarkets are required by law to distribute receipts after each sale, guaranteeing physical interaction with an advertisement.

This interaction leads to greater brand recognition and more customers to your business.

Targeting Likely Customers: Register tape ads also target the primary buyer and decision maker of a household. In most households, the person in control of spending also does the grocery shopping. The same buyer, statistics show, will visit a grocery store several times a week and Dollar General and Family Dollar stores several times in one month.

Primary buyers are ideal prospective customers for almost any consumer-oriented small business. To help decide if register tape advertising is right for your business, check out this blog post.

Register tape advertising is a cost-effective way to market to enough people, to the right people, and for an affordable price.

Ready to Begin Register Tape Advertising? 

Register Tape Network offers a unique form of advertising that is a cost-effective way for small businesses to take advantage of the extensive marketing plans and large budgets of national supermarket chains.

If you are interested in beginning cost-effective, high-return advertising, RTN has a proven solution for your small business. Contact us here for a free consultation and to build a custom marketing plan that works for your business.

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