Q.1 How much does it cost?

Please contact your local sales office for details. High Traffic stores are a premium. Our advertising products are by far the most effective and efficient method of branding your name or service in a targeted area. Your advertising dollars are spent where they COUNT the most we have a plan for EVERY budget.

Q.2 Do I pay anything for artwork?

There is a $145 production fee. You have the option of choosing from our pre-designed templates just provide us with the information and compelling offer/s that you would like to place in your ad. You may also create your own or use your existing design. If you have a company logo, just send us a copy of the logo in PDF, JPEG, or TIFF format. If not, we can have our Graphics Team create a designed company name fit for your business with the color of your choice.

Q.3 What are your payment terms?

Register Tape Network accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also accept check payments, payable to REGISTER TAPE NETWORK. Please send check payments to:

Register Tape Network 2327 Englert Drive, Durham, NC 27713

For more payment options, please contact your ad sales specialist at (877) 251-4592.

Q.4 I already have an ad design; do I need to pay a production fee?

There is a $145 production fee. Everything is already included in the price that you paid for the ad itself.

Q.5 Do I receive a proof of my ad design?

Yes. All advertisers receive a proof and are given time to make changes before print. Register Tape Network prefers to e-mail your proof in PDF format so please supply us with a valid e-mail address when ordering. Our Production Department requires a response within 5 business days of receipt for CHANGES to your ad. Please ask your salesperson for your Start Date production Deadlines.,

Q.6 I see other advertising products in my grocery store, are these Register Tape Network?

Register Tape Network does have other products that are sold within Grocery Stores but NOT ALL products are Register Tape Network. Our products include Register Tape Network and Adcart. There may be like products sold within the SAME market chains so please inquire with your Local Sales Office.

Q.7 Do all grocery stores have Register Tape Network products?

No. Please call your Local Register Tape Network Sales Office to inquire (877) 251-4592. If you do not see ads in the register receipt tapes of your local grocery stores, Register Tape Network may still be able to sell you an ad. We carry long-term National Contracts with most store chains.

Q.8 What if there is already a business like mine, advertising in the store?

There are usually several grocery chains under contract in each area. Often high traffic stores are at a premium and there are waiting lists available.

Q.9 When do I get my Proofs?

Your proof will arrive by email or fax about 2 weeks before the date your ad is due to start in the market store. Please examine the proof carefully, especially check:

- The offer

- The disclaimers (if any)

- The phone number

- The expiration date (if you use one).

Q.10 How do I make corrections to a proof?

To confirm the ad copy or make changes, simply respond to the email, or the fax or by phone (fax and phone numbers will be on your proof sheet). You have two days from the receipt of the proof to make any changes.

Q.11 Why is the corporate office calling?

You may receive one or two calls from our home office in regards to your ad. If your local representative was unable to reach you in time, the ShopperLocal office may call you to remind you it is time to renew. If there is remnant space available for a particular campaign, you may receive a call offering to double size or duplicate the ad you have already purchased. If the offer sounds good, buy it. If you are happy with what you already purchased, just say No Thank You.

Q.12 Why does my credit card have several Register Tape Network charges instead of just one?

If you are paying by credit card and are running on more than one store, your first bill may surprise you. You will see each run on each store is billed separately. The reason for this is that each run is handled separately so the computer generates a separate bill for each campaign in the system. For example, if you are paying $750 a month for three stores, you will receive three $250 charges on your card, one for each campaign on each store. The total will still be $750 for the month.

Q.13 How do I get help or ask questions?

We serve you locally, regionally and nationally. Your first contact should always be your local representative since they are most familiar with your area and your account. If you have lost your local representatives number or cannot reach them for any reason, please call our customer service hotline at (877) 251-4592.

Feel Free to contact our RTN Team. Contact: (816) 895-7145 | marketing@rtn.net