Top 8 Reasons We LOVE Our Local Business Partners


Top 8 Reasons We LOVE Our Local Business Partners

There are so many reasons to support local businesses. Not only do local businesses support a strong local economy, they’re integral to the culture of any community. Register Tape Network supports local businesses by providing an affordable, targete... read more

Coupon Marketing: How to Design a Coupon for a Gym or Fitness Center


Coupons, discounts, and special offers are a great way to increase traffic to a gym. Register Tape Network offers a unique coupon advertising solution that can give your business more than 100,000 impressions each month! Read more to learn the elements of coupon design to help you create an offer for your gym or fitness center.

If your gym isn't hitting its goals for membe... read more

Coupon Marketing: How to design a Coupon Ad for an Auto Shop/Quick Lube


In this article, we deconstruct the elements of successful auto coupons and explain which discounts work the best.

Are too many cars driving past your automotive shop without getting an oil change? The time could be right to consider offering a coupon discount.

If you’ve never offered a coupon before, the idea can be stressful. Will the coupon work? Will I los... read more

How to Design a Successful Coupon for your Hair Salon


Are you looking around your salon and seeing empty chairs? Not sterilizing enough combs?

If you’ve never offered a coupon before, the idea can be stressful. Will the coupon work? Will I lose money? How much of a discount can I get away with? These are a few questions that may be swirling around in your head.

In this article, we’ll answer tho... read more

Coupon Marketing: How Do Coupons Work for Small Businesses?


How well do coupons work for small businesses?

It’s a statistical fact that most people like coupons. According to market research company A. C. Nielson Co., 60 percent of consumers actively search for coupons and 95 percent of consumers look at coupons favorably.

We like coupons, and so should small businesses. Coupons are a cost... read more

We Hire Military Heroes


Are you a veteran looking to move into a new career? RTN, Register Tape Network actively hires military veterans who are proven leaders, team members, and incredibly hard workers.

Jordan Hicks, a former Marine Corps sergeant and RTN’s national staff trainer, said his military service prepared him for a career i... read more

What is Supermarket Advertising? The Benefits for Small Businesses


There are so many ways businesses can advertise in supermarkets! In this blog, we’ll describe the different types and what businesses benefit the most from supermarket marketing.


Supermarkets are full of products. Likewise, supermarkets are great centers of advertising. Think about your last shopping trip. You probably remember and expected to see food ... read more

Register Tape Advertising for the Holidays: The Benefits to Small Businesses


If you’ve found this article, chances are you’re a small business wanting to know how you can effectively advertise like the big brands this holiday season. This article will show you how to do just that! But first, I’d like to share a personal story about the holiday season to help illustrate my point.

The holidays inspire us all. They inspire decorations, ... read more

Restaurant Marketing: How to Design Coupons and Offers that Work


In this article, we deconstruct the elements of successful coupons and explain which fast food discounts work the best.

Great coupons are worth their weight in gold. From automotive, to fast food to plumbers, ice cream shops, and more, coupons are a known way to attract new customers and form new business relationships.

If you’ve never offered a coupon before... read more

How much does register tape advertising cost?


Register tape advertising gives businesses the advantages of large scale advertising campaigns by offering a way to partner with supermarkets and national retailers.

Finding affordable advertising is a challenge for any small business. It’s too expensive, doesn’t reach the right audience, or isn’t seen by enough people. These are all common concerns when cr... read more